The new publication CONNECT 5 BRAINSTORM is a collection of 264 lateral thinking puzzles, each of which has a solution linking 5 clues.

It is available to buy in paperback or Kindle version on AMAZON sites worldwide.

As implied in the title, it is intended for use as a social activity where you brainstorm until you find the connection, but of course the puzzles may be  tackled alone.

You may award yourself four points for the correct connection plus one point for solving each individual clue and a bonus point for solving all five.

So, the perfect answer scores 10 points.

There is an example puzzle below.

The three ways to play

1  The Fun Way

As a collaborative group, with one appointed Questioner.

The Questioner gives hints as and when (s)he thinks fit.

Throw in your ideas and suggestions! Don’t be shy! Brainstorm is the name of the game!

2  The Competitive Way

In teams, by turns, with a preferably neutral Questioner, or a (fair-minded) Questioner from the opposing team.

3  The Adventurous Way

Alone or with a partner, without a helpful Questioner.

No sneaky looks at the answer!

And don’t give in too soon!


In what circumstances might you see a rooster encircled, clockwise, among others by a bulldog, a lion, an eagle, a wolf and a bull?

Brain storm

Don’t look yet

Keep thinking

Want more time?

No hurry

Answer coming up now

Scroll down a little further

and further

and further




NATIONAL ANIMALS (looking at a map of Europe)

France is represented by the rooster, surrounded by Britain* (bulldog), Belgium (lion), Germany (black eagle), Italy (grey wolf), Spain (bull).

Omitted are Luxembourg (also lion), Switzerland (none), Monaco (unclear), Andorra (ox).

*NB Individual members of the UK have their own national animals: England (lion), Scotland (unicorn), Wales (dragon), Northern Ireland (unclear, possibly the mountain hare or the red deer).


is available to buy on AMAZON sites worldwide.

paperback version £4

Kindle version £1.99