A Christmas poem that I wrote today – it may need some editing – if anybody out there is listening. Not the usual kind.

I did start out the day full of good cheer, I assure you. Here it is:


Weeping in Waitrose

Today I shopped to stock my larder, in there early, full of Christmas cheer,

Then sat me down to read the news, in comfort, in the café.

I read that in our land of plenty, where we never had it quite so good,

One more homeless man died on the very doorstep of our Mother of all Parliaments.


Our Minister for the Homeless, let us name and shame him, Brokenshire,

Censures our society, claims his government is not to blame,

And in this land of plenty, where we never had it quite so good,

Food banks burgeon, beggars line the streets of our great cities,


Whilst still scores of thousands of our bairns go hungry into school.

I read that if you are so foolish as to fall in love and wed a foreign man,

He may not live here with you and your child, unless you’re wealthy,

Like Ms Markle, in this land of plenty, where we never had it quite so good.


I read that America Great Again deserts its friends in Syria and Afghanistan,

And leaves the field to murderers and to tyrants.

The lesson’s clear, don’t trust the USA, they will abandon you in hour of need,

And in that Eden, land of the free, home of the brave, a madman rules.


I read that holy priests have raped our little ones and gone scot-free,

That Facebook sold our freedom to the Devil. For gold of course, why else?

And politicians lied, and lied, and lied, and hold our Mother of all Parliaments in contempt.

What’s more, they say we have just twelve short years to save the Earth.


And that is why you may have seen me, at this festive season, weeping in Waitrose.

So, deck the halls and stuff the turkey, and Merry sodding Christmas, everyone.



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